100% Mulberry Silk - Wolpertinger 2 ply - Worsted Weight - ~125m/100g hank

100% Mulberry Silk - Wolpertinger 2 ply - Worsted Weight - ~125m/100g hank

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Our Wolpertinger base is spun silk, created from the longest fibers remaining after the reeling process. The fibers are carded and spun together into a single-ply Worsted (4) Weight yarn. Each 100g hank is approximately 125m. The texture is very bright, silky, and lustrous. This undyed yarn takes color very well.

This is a great, general use yarn. Perfect for sporty cowls, light clothing, shawls, stuffies, and whatever else your imagination can create from Worsted weight (4) yarn.

We name all our silk yarn bases after jackalopes from around the world. The Wolpertinger hails from Bavaria are the fiercest of all jackalope species. They are the royalty of jackalopes, sporting pheasant wings, elk antlers, and elongated canine teeth reminiscent of sabertoothed cats. They are the preferred mount of Elfin and Fairy folk. Wolpertingers are noble beasts when treated with the deference they deserve (woe to those who take them for granted, though, their teeth are sharp!). The best way to meet a Wolpertinger is to have a drink (or several) of Bavarian beer, sitting on the slope of your favorite Alpine meadow. Don't forget to offer them a drink, too.

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