Baby Cotton Yarn - Sparkles - ~190m/100g hank - Bulky Weight - Undyed

Baby Cotton Yarn - Sparkles - ~190m/100g hank - Bulky Weight - Undyed

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Baby Cotton Yarn - Sparkles - ~190m/100g hank - Bulky Weight - Undyed - Kreißl

90% Cotton + 10% Sparkle = 100% Fun!

We name all our silk yarn bases after jackalopes from around the world. The Kreißl is a jackalope from the Bavarian region of Germany and is similar to the Wolpertinger. Whereas the Wolpertinger sports elk antlers, the Kreißl has smaller Bavarian Red Deer antlers. The Kreißl is known for its high-pitched call, much like the American Screech Owl. Like all jackalope species, the Kreißl is fond of good Bavarian schnapps created from the fruits and berries of its native region. The Kreißl’s feathers reflect the sunlight in spectacular displays during the mating season, hence their naming of our Sparkle Collection. The Brothers Grimm wrote about the Kreißl in their collected works from 1753.

This bulky weight (5) yarn brings a bit of glitter to your projects. Created from fine cotton, soft enough for baby's delicate skin, and yours! The bulky yarn is perfect for baby clothes and blankets, sweaters, mittens, scarves, and hats, as well as bags and purses, outerwear, stuffies, and anything else your imagination can create. This yarn is best used on 6mm-10mm needles or crochet hooks.

This yarn can be dyed the color of your choice! Minimum orders of 10 skeins for custom colors, please.