Savannah Sunset (benefitting AWARE)
4-ply, Jackalope (3-DK weight)
4-ply, Raurakl (4-Sport weight)
Savannah Sunset (benefitting AWARE)

Savannah Sunset (benefitting AWARE)

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This yarn color is named in honor of Savannah, one of the resident Ambassadors living at the AWARE compound just outside Atlanta, GA.  Savannah is a bobcat whose den was destroyed by a bulldozer. She was rescued, but the rescuer took her home and tried to make her a pet. She rapidly outgrew what he could handle, and he surrendered her to AWARE.  She was already acclimated to and reliant on people, and couldn't be returned to the wild. Today she lives at AWARE permanently, educating visitors about the need to let wild animals stay wild.

10% of the sales of this yarn will go directly to AWARE to support their efforts.

AWARE Wildlife Center

The AWARE Wildlife Center rehabilitates Georgia’s injured and orphaned native wild animals and educates the community about peaceful coexistence with wildlife.  AWARE accepts up to 2,000 injured and orphaned animals every year as patients at its center just east of Atlanta at 7-acre facility at Arabia Mountain.  AWARE delivers hundreds of ambassador programs at schools and festivals across Georgia, and offers free tours every Saturday and Sunday at 1 PM.  AWARE reaches millions through streaming media broadcasts of educational wildlife encounters and releases of rehabilitated patients.

Please consider donating to this cause.  Donations pay for food, medicine, and care for the thousands of rehab patients AWARE treats each year.  Donations also support the permanent resident ambassador animals.  AWARE is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.  Donations may be made through the AWARE website:

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