The Wolpertinger hails from Bavaria and are the fiercesty of all jackalope species.  They are the royalty of all jackalopes, sporting pheasant wings, elk antlers, and elongaged canine teeth reminiscent of sabertoothed cats.  They are the preferred mount of Elfin and Fairy folk.

Wolpertingers are noble and gentle beasts when treated with the deference they deserve.  Woe to those who take them for granted, though.  Their teeth are sharp!  The best way to meet a Wolpertinger is to have a drink (or several) of good Bavarian beer, sitting on the slope of your favorite alpine meadow.  After quite a few beers, they will appear.  Don't forget to share.

Our Wolpertinger base is spun mulberry silk, created from the longest fibers remaining after the reeling process.  The fibers are carded and spun together into plies, from 1 (light DK weight), to 4 (super chonk).  The texture is very bright and shiny, with a bit of fuzziness.

All our yarns are hand-dyed in small batches.  Catch all the Wolpertinger colors and weights in our Etsy Shop before they hop away!