Meet the Team

Bunny - Arch Knot Sorceress

Bunny was deposited under the farthest cabbage in the back of the garden. She was, therefore, overlooked by a nearsighted stork. Luckily for her, she was found by a kindly band of wandering fairies who raised her as one of their own. To this day, Bunny cannot keep the leaves out of her hare. 

The fairies taught Bunny everything they knew, which toadstools and plants were good for food and medicine, weaving moonbeams, and the lore of the woods, among other things. As she grew up, Bunny perfected her wild skills. As a result, she is a highly sought after member of various Zombie Apocalypse teams.  From 2003 to 2011, Bunny was the reigning World Champion of Pick-up-Sticks.  She gave up the crown to spend more time with said sticks, to knit webs for needy spiders.

Bunny spends her time knitting the silk of the fabled Bombyxmori, a tribe of wild silkworms from the hidden valleys of Shangri-la.  Her knit designs are a flight of fancy, another legacy from her fairy upbringing.

All comments, questions, rude remarks, and unsolicited worship may be sent to Bunny directly at

Liz - Head of Covert Operations

Liz was raised by wolves.  Or, at least that's what she tells everyone.  Her nativity certainly explains her love of dogs.  Don't let her fool you, though, she's a love-puppy.  Scratch her ears and she'll be your friend for life!  You can often find her in the smithy of her gym, pumping iron into unimaginably beautiful and delicate feminine shapes.

Liz was responsible for the sale of the Brooklyn Bridge to a group of foreign investors, several times over.  She created the hugely successful marketing campaigns to sell ice cream to Eskimos, colds to Newcastle, and highly sugared breakfast cereals to overwrought parents.

If you have questions of Liz, or just want to throw cash our way, drop her a line at

Bear - Premier Quality Assurance House Elf

Bear, aka, David, is Bunny's mate.  Less importantly, he is a maker of sawdust, a slinger of paint, and a compiler of random words and punctuation in to what approximate sentences. Once an aerialist and tight rope walker, he now resides in Georgia where he occupies his time by helping his friends move sofas and large appliances and other durable goods from one home to another.

In 2008, Bear brought the gold medal in Snuggling back to the United States and is presently in training for the Cuddling World Championships. He also spent five years on the Hi-Ho Cherrio pro circuit before retiring in 2010.

Hate mail, overt gratitude, religious people trying to convert him, marriage requests, death threats, cash and all other material should be sent to his wife so she can monitor his antics.

His job is to monitor Bunny's proper use of grammar and the Oxford Comma.  His most important job however, is to be the rock that ties the high-flying Bunny solidly to earth.

Chip - Chief Spectator and Giggle Master

Chip holds the world record for circumpolar navigation on the Spin Cycle.  Hailing from a long line of old salts, Chip is the young salt, adding spice to our organization. 

Having spent his career in the Navy, he recently retired from service as Rear Admiral of Horticultural Embellishments.  He spends his time managing his wife, Liz (at least, that's what she let's him believe), to make sure she and Bunny stay out of trouble.

Let's hear it for Chip and Bear, they have their hands and paws full keeping their two ladies in line.