Our Bunnycorn yarn base is named after the famed Al mi'raj, the jackalope of Serpent Island, companion of Alexander the Great.

As the tale is told, Alexander happened to be in Egypt, up to his conquering shenanigans, and heard of an island beset by a fearsome monster. Well, Alex, who was always looking for a challenge, had to go investigate. On the island, he found a sea serpent terrorizing the islanders and eating up all their cattle. "This atrocity shall not stand!" says the Great One, so he set out to kill the beast and set the islanders free. 

After a great, but not lengthy battle (because Alexander was so Great), he vanquished the monster. In their gratitude, the islanders gifted Alexander with the most valuable thing they had, a beast almost as terrifying, but much more cuddly, than a sea serpent, Al mi'raj. Alexander was quite taken aback by this gift. Al was quite impressive. However, Alex had conquering to do and couldn't take his new pet along, so he thought it best to leave Al mi'raj on Serpent Island to keep future sea serpents at bay. 
Al was described as a "yellow-colored beast which resembled a rabbit with a black horn" (Bibliothèque municipale de Bordeaux, Ms 1130, fol. 54r. Dated 1565AD). Bunnycorns are larger than standard Jackalopes, and have a camouflage pattern on their fur, much like a leopard. This allows them to blend into their surroundings for surprise attacks where they spear their enemy on their long horn. When they are befriended, they are quite loyal and cuddly critters, who always stop and smell (and eat) the roses. 
This yarn is our lightest and finest yarn, created from mulberry silk, twisted into a single strand from the longest fibers remaining after the reeling process. Bunnycorn measures approximately 800m/100g, and works up like air. Use Bunnycorn for the finest of Shetland and Estonian lace, embroidery, or tatting.  
All our yarns are hand-dyed in small batches.  Catch all the Bunnycorn colors in our Etsy Shop before they hop away!