Our Dilldapp yarn base is named after the rabbit-deer hybrid of southwestern Germany.  Living in the Hauberg, an oak and birch coppice forest in Siegerland, these critters are very shy and live almost exclusively on potatoes stolen from local farmers' gardens. 

Dilldapp have formed a cooperative relationship with the locals by digging and tilling the farmer's gardens, removing rocks and roots, helping with the spring potato planting, and, most of all, protecting the gardens from other veggie-stealers. 

In return for their services, the farmers provide the Dilldapp with the first pick of the crop, as well as regular and generous portions of kartoffeln schnapps, flavored with local berries and fruits.  The Dilldapp love the kartoffeln schnapps so much, they will gather in the spring around the farmsteads begging to help with the planting.

Our Dilldapp yarn base is created from the mulberry silk noil, the shortest fibers the caterpillars use to create their cocoons.  Since the fibers are shorter and less shiny, they give our Dildapp yarn a fluffy, leathery feeling.

Our Dilldapp yarns come in a variety of weights, beginning with our single strand, 550m/100g, all the way up to our 4-ply, aran weight measuring 125m/100g.  This yarn has a very wool-like feel, and works very well as a wool replacement for folks with wool allergies.
All our yarns are hand-dyed in small batches.  Come catch all the Dilldapp colors in our Etsy Shop before they hop away!