This cryptid species has become naturalized to the Southwestern United States, though they are likely decendents of the jackalopes brought over by immigrants from various European areas.  Southwestern jackalopes are genarally on the large size and follow the form of the jackrabbit. 

Various subspecies of jackalopes have iether pronghorn antelope horns or those of the various native mule deer.  The jackalope is know for its sense of humor and ability to throw its voice, often mimicking cowboys singing around campfires.  Their favorite beverage is American Whiskey.  However, care should be taken when encountering a wild jackalope as they are also know to be fierce protectors of their territory and mates.  The milk of the female jackalopes can cure most illnesses, even cancer, though any attempt at extracting said milk could be lethal.

Our Jackalope base is spun mulberry silk in a variety of weights.  Our most popular version is 4-ply light DK/sport weight.  The texture is bright, shiny, and lustrous.

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