P O O K A - Pooka - from old Celtic mythology - a fairy spirit in animal form - always very large.  The pooka appears here and there - now and then - to this one or that one - a benign but mischeivous creature - very fond of rum pots, crackpots, and how are you, Mr. Wilson?

How are you, Mr. Wilson?  Who in the encyclopedia wants to know?!?

Our Pooka yarns are all special critters.  This base is created from reeled mulberry silk.  The fiber lengths are the length of the skein.  This gives these yarns the ultimate shine associates with silk.  Each lot is different and unique, just like their namesake Pookas.  These creations all come in a variety of weights and plies.

All our yarns are hand-dyed in small batches.  Catch all the Pooka colors in our Etsy Shop before they hop away!