The Qurecus is an odd critter, even by jackalope standards.  These creatures are much smaller than normal jackalopes, resembling mice with large moth wings.  They use their prehensile tails to carry baskets of pollen back to their hidey holes at the base of giant oak sentinels guarding the forest.  There, the Quercus create tasty loaves of sourdough bread from the pollen flower.  Like others in the jackalope family, they have a taste for alcoholic beverages.  The Quercus use acorn caps to raise toasts made with locally-grown elderflower beer.

Our Quercus base is created from Tussah silk, made from the cocoons of moth caterpillars that feed exclusively on oak trees.  This type of silk is often called "vegan silk" as the cocoons are wildcrafted from the local forests after the moth has emerged.  The texture is quite different from mulberry silk, and has a toothier feel.  Our bases start at a very fine lace weight 600m/100g) up to a super chonk 4-ply (80m/100g).  This yarn is perfect for a wool-like texture without the itch.

All our yarns are hand-dyed in small batches.  Catch all the Quercus colors in our Etsy Shop before they hop away!