The Skvader differs from most jackalopes in that they have no horns or antlers.  Looking like a cross between a rabbit and a partridge, these curious critters hail from Sweden in the Sundsvall region.  Their name comes from their mating call, which sounds like quack of a wood grouse.  This "rabbit-bird" was described by Pliny the Elder in his treatise, Natural History.

The skvader generally inhabit the forested regions and roadway hedges near the town of Sundsvall.  The Norra Berget Museum was created to house and maintain the history of these unique critters.  "Skvaderns" is an herbal liqueur made from herbs and berries from the forest Lunde Skog, where Skvaders were first found.  The collective noun for Skvaders is "squadron", alluding to the flight formations of these incredible critters.

Our Skvader yarns is created from several fine threads, twisted together.  This yarn is available in a variety of weights, beginning with fingering weight in 6-ply, up to a light DK weight in 24-ply.
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