Trolloste jackalopes are a Norwegian species.  They typically have very thick fur to protect them from the long, harsh winters.  Most jackalopes are tricksters and this species is no different.  They take great joy in stealing milk from the local dairy cows, bringing the milk back to their human companions.  This has given rise to their alternate name, "Milk Rabbit".  When resting beside the fireplace in their human's homes, they have been mistaken for balls of yarn stuck with knitting needles, which are, of course, their horns.

Our Trolloste base is similar to Totochtin, being created from the shortest fibers remaining from the reeling and spinning processes.  Trolloste is finer than Totochtin, yet is fuzzy and perfect for fluffy winter sweaters, cowls, and hats.

All our yarns are hand-dyed in small batches.  Catch all the Trolloste colors in our Etsy Shop before they hop away!