This yarn base is 4 plies of 20/2 spun mulberry silk, measuring approximately 250m per 100g Happy Pill.  For those not into the metric system, that's approximately 273y per 3.5oz Happy Pill.  This yarn has a delicate, lustrous appearance and amazing drape.  This is a great all-around DK/Light Worsted (3) yarn, perfect for light and lacy clothing and shawls, Irish crochet, stuffies, and other projects requiring a DK/Light Worsted weight yarn.  

We name all our silk yarn bases after jackalopes from around the world.  Jackalopes are found worldwide, though seem to have naturalized in the Bavarian region of Europe and the American Southwest.  These delightful critters bring their own brand of mischief and are seen as beneficial to those who happen to be slightly inebriated.  Jackalopes, as a species, are generally characterized by the presence of specific types of antlers or horns, as well as the presence or absence of wings.  They are also known to enjoy and seek out alcoholic beverages, though specific preferences are defined by their regional environment.  All jackalope species mate and are born during thunder and lightning storms. 

This species has become naturalized to the Southwestern United States, though they are likely descendants of jackalopes brought over by immigrants from various European regions.  Southwestern jackalopes are generally on the large size (2-2.5 feet at the shoulder) and follow the form of the jackrabbit.  Various subspecies of jackalopes have either pronghorn antelope horns or those of the native Mule deer.  The jackalope is known for its sense of humor and ability to throw its voice, often mimicking cowboys singing around campfires.  Their favorite beverage is American whiskey.  However, care should be taken when encountering a wild jackalope as they are also known to be fierce protectors of their territory and mates.  The milk of female jackalopes can cure most illnesses, even cancer, though any attempt at extracting said milk could be deadly.

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